Works at AMSI

One of the largest private dealership management corporations in the USA, we provided dealerships with websites, email campaigns, display, social and search ads, content, SEO, AV, and more.


I would start web, email and ad design projects by analyzing the request sent to us by the account executives, and respond directly to them or with OEM compliance with any questions or additional information about the target audience, or goals of their campaigns. After completion we would look at Google Analytics, Visual Web Optimizer, heat mapping and Campaigner (email) analytics to see what was and was not working, we would create a hypothesis, update the assets and template, and review the findings, keeping what worked, and eliminating what did not.

In example, one of our biggest such projects was the vehicle search modules included as the first, and dominant element on their homepages. Looking at the heat mapping and interaction metrics from Google Analytics we were able to determine that there were two primary user groups with the same goal of locating a vehicle but with different approaches. Some already had an idea of the exact make and model that they wanted, while others only had a vague idea. We implemented and A/B tested variants that allowed drop down selection for year, make, and model, another that had clickable images that indicated make and model (sedan, convertible, SUV, etc,), and a final variant that had both.

I designed and executed user tests for Phalanx directly with all departments. I’d have them walk me through how they used the system on a daily basis, show me any pain points on their paths. This gave me insights into their natural unguided usage. I also designed a few tasks for them to complete so that I could see if my designed user paths were in line with their actual goals.


After collecting the goals and requirements from our clients or account executives, we would either create a new site, page, ad, or email campaign from scratch if the request was highly custom, or utilize a highly performing template as a boilerplate. High fidelity mock-ups and designs were created, passed through OEM compliance and the client for approval, and then built in Phalanx. If an asset was highly custom we would create this from scratch, but Phalanx performed at least 90% of the assets.

I noticed this caused a lot of problems as many of the webpages, ads and email campaigns weren’t properly litmus, cross browser tested, or designed based on performance analytics from Google or our email marketing performance metrics. These oversights cost our clients performance loss, as assets would either break or not be optimized. As a solution I designed and pitched Phalanx, a custom WordPress site that generated these assets. These website assets, emails, ads, and landing pages that were designed and optimized by data from Google Analytics, heat mapping, Visual Web Optimizer, and Campaigner for performance, and upon frameworks that work across all browsers and email clients.


Phalanx also functioned as a job management, staff performance reporting, budget reporting, and client relationship management system. I build it as a custom theme with custom plugins in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and PHP. I worked with the SEO, email, ad, AV, media buyer, account executive and management teams to collect and analyze performance.

I build a custom component UI library that Phalanx would generate for the endpoint websites, emails, display ads and more. Hero (top left): Directs users to their most desired location on the site. The triple call to action columns allowed configuration of an image, overlay, and call to action. Allowing separation of the most important items in a way that manages visual noise. Search (top right): Breaks up the content with a colored background that reminded the user that the option is available. Variable Columns (bottom right): Configurable background color or image with overlay and a code area allowed the CMS users or designers a quick and easy way to add their customizations in a responsive, and design consistent manner.

Other projects: