Works at NASCAR

Tasked with ensuring the design and development of ARCA Menards Series, Sebring Raceway and NASCAR Mexico are to NASCAR standards.


The process starts with client onboarding and interviews. Requirements are collected and expectations are set.

We have a custom component and master theme based WordPress framework which allows us to provide our service clients with powerful features such as easy to configure galleries, video and schedule pages, as well as easy to configure options for colors, fonts, spacing and more.

Previous sites that we've build upon this framework is presented to educate them on its abilities, and how they can customize it to their needs.

We strive to ensure that their purpose, mission, KPIs, who they are and what they have to offer is properly communicated to their target audience. Analytics teams work to provide data concerning our users, so we know who they are and what they want.


Since we work within the custom WordPress framework, we then work to modify and skin the sites to the client's branding. Colors, typography, imagery, spacing, user flows, process flows, information architecture and navigation are adjusted to be sure their solution is unique to their needs.

Technical feasibility is assessed and communicated to the client after their needs are collected and analyzed to ensure that the provided InVision mockups (mobile and desktop) that we created are accurate to the final product.


Each page to be built is created as a ticket and assigned into my Jira board in weekly sprints. We've connected InVision to Jira so I can easily reference back to the mock-ups when needed.

I begin each build with creating a new site, activating our base theme, creating pages, custom fields and more in preparation for building the actual site.

Existing components, page templates, and post types are modified (PHP, Twig, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery) and new ones are built per the approved mock-ups. Custom CSS and Javascript files are created for each build, giving me the control needed to provide a client with a tailored website that meets their needs.

Other projects: